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General Dental Websites

Academy of General Dentistry
The AGD is an organization of general dentists dedicated to continuing education and reliable consumer information.

American Dental Hygienist Association
A one-stop source for timely, reliable, and easy-to-use oral health information for consumers and dental hygienists.
A comprehensive guide to dental health with updated information on new products, procedures and dental news.

Oral Health Care & Products

Trusted Oral Care products and expert information to keep your smile bright, beautiful and healthy.

Crest offers everything you need for dental hygiene products such as toothpaste, teeth whitening system, toothbrush, and mouthwash.

Find news, tips, resources and special offers for oral care products.

Learn how the Sonicare toothbrush creates an indescribable clean feeling, the benefits you can expect, and even take a factory tour.

Other Sites of Interest on the Web

Healthy Smiles 2010
A program with a goal to combat America’s Oral Health Epidemic by improving the oral health of more than 50 million American children and their families by the year 2010.

From dental care to cosmetic dentistry, find information for better oral health and a great smile.